Corporate Sleep Culture

"Why do I need a need a Corporate Sleep Program?"


This is one of the first questions we hear from potential clients. Sleep is not often top of mind when leaders think of planning a health and wellness program for their team.  Research has shown, however, that sleep is the foundation of our health and a key component for effective decision making, mood, memory, creativity and innovation. You might be surprised to learn a single sleepless night can lead to a 30% surge in emotional stress levels. 

At Sleep Culture, we educate your team on effects of sleep deprivation, the health and performance benefits of sleep, and if required, will work alongside you to create policies and procedures that support continued growth and success for individuals and the company as a whole.

Our interactive, educational approach will ensure the roots of a positive sleep culture, while identifying individuals with unique or chronic needs. Our commitment to creating a sleep-first culture within your organization will allow for discretion, continued support and success of the program that you choose to implement. 

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